Analytical Software for Mass Spectrometry
Welcome to the Fall 2022 release of MassAI. V22.08

This latest release sees the introduction of a nifty inclusion list for homing in on
specific targets in your future LC-MS runs.

This is especially useful when gathering the best scans for any observation, prior to publication, or for validating low stoichiometry observations.
This could for instance be modified or cross-linked peptides, where scan quality can traditionally be poor.

Here is how to go about it:

When MassAI has completed a search, navigate to the results windows and
select: results to inclusion list from the top menu.
All Inclusive
This generates and saves a list of the observed masses that have been matched to
a peptide, along with its charge, retention time, polarity and sequence.

The output is a comma separated text format (.CSV), which can be imported into any
LC-MS instrument of the Orbitrap family.
Now the instrument will spend time on fragmenting these values ONLY.
In effect this means you will accumulate more and better scans of the target precursor(s),
at the expense of discovering new peptides as long as the inclusion list is in use.