The Tool Buttons - Quantease
The Quantease feature offers a way to weigh the precursor intensities of selected groups of observations against each other.

In the example below, we have two sets of experimental setups: one with Ca present, and one where EDTA has been added.
We want to investigate if the highlighted peptide is present in equal amounts in the two setups. We can do this by picking out the results
across the collected number of observations.

We do this by RIGHT-clicking on any result, and selecting "add to Quantease". (Alternately, you can simply press CTRL+Q). Any added
result is highlighted in pale green. You can only add each result once. If you accidently add the same result twice, the latter is ignored.
Below is the Quantease window. We have added a number of scan results, each with their own precursor intensity. The selected
results have been ranked according to the file name. Hence we can only see a subset of samples without EDTA.

We select all of these, then press the "merge" button to add all intensities for Ca containing results.
The precursor intensities of all Ca containing
results have now been merged into one entry
(coloured yellow). Now we do the same for
the EDTA observations.
Plotted into the pie-chart we see that the
selected peptide has a cumulated precursor
intensity, much higher in the Ca sample than
in the EDTA sample.