The Tool Buttons - Layout
The TOOL panel has two buttons for working with the layout in MassAI: "RESET LAYOUT" and "HIDE WINDOWS".

As you have noticed by now, many of the features in MassAI use separate windows that can be opened and closed according to
use. When you shut down a MassAI session, the current position and size of the windows are saved for next time you launch the
program. If you work with two monitors, MassAI will also remember on which monitor you had what open windows. This makes it
easier to go back and continue your work.

The "RESET LAYOUT" button resets the position and size of all windows to a default position in the center of whatever monitor
you happen to use at the time. 
When you do an in-depth search with MassAI, you can easily open so many windows that your desktop becomes cluttered.
Of course you can close these windows again one at a time, but pressing the "HIDE ALL WINDOWS" button closes all
windows with one click, with the exception of the main window and the tool buttons, as a quick way to clean up a cluttered
session. No information is lost when the windows are closed, it is simply a cosmetic clean-up.